About Kamaloveon and Me

Dear Readers,Andi Takacs - Daydreamer

my name is Andi and I’ve created this blog with the simple intent to share with you the beautiful things in life that inspire me, make me happy or make me become a better person. My favorite way of learning new things is not from reading and studying, but from people and since I feel that I’ve been receiving so much from the persons around me, I really wanted to start making another type of contribution.

A few things about me

I’ve been practicing yoga and became a vegetarian since 2011, I speak 6 languages, I love traveling, especially with Couchsurfing and Airbnb and I am passionate about aesthetics, creativity, astrology and about life’s pleasures.

Why Kamaloveon?

Kama is the first of the four goals of human life according to Hinduism, which refers to pleasure. You can find out more about these spiritual goals here in an easy and fun way. As per these goals, one cannot achieve higher goals in life, like prosperity, moral duty and liberation, unless they know how to enjoy life and how to embrace the pleasures of the body and mind.

Love is basically the answer to everything, because there is no beauty, harmony, joy or happiness without love, regardless of what and whom we are interacting with.

I tried to incorporate these two notions and by playing with words I ended up with a word that’s similar to “chameleon”, because adaptability is an essential condition for achieving success.


Lots of Joy, Love and Happiness,

Andi Takács